It has been over 50 years since the opening of the first Burger King restaurant. At that time, a brand was created that owes its success primarily to its employees. It is thanks to them that we are present in 65 countries, and the Burger King brand has become one of the most recognizable in the world. Not by chance - Burger King is a place for those who love burgers, can enjoy everything they do and share it with others, and finally - they are hungry for challenges!


Working at Burger King means working in a truly royal atmosphere, with cool people crazy about burgers, in a place where development opportunities are worthy of a king (and a queen too ;)).

  • Coffee on the table - we focus on open and honest communication. Thanks to this, at Burger King you can simply be yourself :) And you know - when you feel yourself, you feel good and you give your best. So we give more too - we appreciate your commitment with bonuses, rewards and promotion opportunities.
  • Short ball - we have the best burgers in the world :) And exactly the same team - great people who play for one goal and have fun with each other. The atmosphere in our restaurants is, next to excellent burgers, another reason why millions of customers visit us every day.
  • We are a brand that is 100% based on the energy and hunger of its people. No matter what role you join us in, you can be sure that you will never run out of opportunities to show what you can do. And if we like it, we guarantee that you will not run out of challenges - with us everything is possible! Burger King never stands still - you grow with us!

BURGER KING IS A haven for all burger lovers

It's WHOPPER®'s after all! Did you know WHOPPER® is over 50 years old, older than the Rolling Stones, outlived the Beatles and still going strong? It has been America's iconic burger for more than half a century and the rest of the world's favourite. It is distinguished not only by the method of preparation (grilling on fire), but also by the possibility of personalizing the ingredients, in accordance with the HAVE IT YOUR WAY® philosophy . Exactly the same philosophy guides us every day at work - not only can we pursue our passion at Burger King, but we can also be 100% ourselves. So if you love burgers join us and work your way!

Behind our success are people - smiling, full of positive energy, who likes contacts with others.
That is why we are looking for team players who understand that together we can do more! If that's who you are, press the APPLY button!

We always have an appetite for more. And that's exactly what we expect from our people. We believe that everything is possible, so every day we try to be better than yesterday, 100% of the norm is the minimum for us. Every day at Burger King brings new challenges - it's the perfect place for those who are hungry for them. You won't be bored with us - that's for sure!


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